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About "3 methods"

​ Got it! did it! fun! more! Children shine "3 methods"

The “three methods” are: “I know I can do it,” “I can do it by myself,” and “I can choose to do it.”
This is a method to intentionally teach children these three things that they can do.
Children can gain experience of success by knowing what they can do.
Through the experience of “I can do it myself”, I feel the joy of being able to do it and gain self-confidence.
By “choosing and being able to do it,” we can gain the experience of having our opinions respected and the habit of thinking.

Voices of Participants in “3 Deki Method Training”

The environment in which I grew up became my own values, and it was an opportunity to reflect on how I had unconsciously forced my own values on my children.
I would like to review how to encourage children to play independently while choosing and self-correcting in light of the 3 possible methods.

​Nursery teacher

As soon as I learned the 3-step method, the teachers quickly incorporated what I had learned into my childcare. It seems that it was easy to work because I was able to teach you a lot of concrete examples.

​In cooperation with other teachers, there is now a mechanism to "know and be able to do it".

Director (nursery school)

I was told that it would be good to prepare a mechanism that "can be selected", so I immediately incorporated it into the class. I feel that the participation of the students in the class has improved a lot.
Even students who used to be unable to concentrate in class without talking to each other are now looking forward to it, asking, "What are we going to do today?"

​Teacher (junior high school)

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