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​Management philosophy

​Toward the realization of childcare and education that respects the individuality and independence of each person, we will continue to propose specific methods so that everyone can become a “self different from others”. To realize a society where people can live with care

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Business content

We will work on the following two projects based on the "3 method" created by our representative over 16 years with teachers.


Education support business

3 methods and

the original sheet
Support for kindergartens and schools that utilize

By using our original methods and tools, we can help children grow up spiritually by resolving the worries of teachers at kindergartens and schools, such as "there are many children to worry about" and "classes are not going well." We will continue to support you.

Teaching material development business

Development and sales of original teaching materials and goods

In addition to various goods that utilize our company's original facial expression illustration "rice ball face", we will develop and sell teaching materials and goods that value children's emotions and the ability to relate to people, such as communication skills training materials.

​​Education support business

Realization of childcare and education that draws out independence while valuing each person's "characteristics" and leads to deep learning

Bringing out children's excitement and deep learning through support for childcare and educational sites using our unique "3 Deki method"


The “3-Deki method” is a method that draws out children's independence by setting up three “can-dos”: “understand and can do”, “can do on their own”, and “choose to do”.

nursery schoolprovides consultation while proposing specific methods such as the "declaration board" according to the situation of the class so that even one homeroom teacher can practice the "3 methods".

Elementary/junior high school and special support schoolThrough in-school training and consultation, we propose specific teaching methods that lead to deep learning while drawing out the independence of each child student by utilizing the "3 Deki Method".

"School support system R-PDCA promotion sheet"

through coordinator support

Reaching out to children in need


Support for children in needIn order to achieve this, it is essential that the support system within the school is substantial. However, at present, there are many issues, such as school committees, which are the core of the school support system, rarely being held, and the special support education coordinator, who is a key person, is not functioning sufficiently.

Therefore, at our company,Creating an organization where coordinators can play an active role and support can reach children who need itAiming for this, we provide consultations using the "School Support System R-PDCA Promotion Sheet" and in-school training on special support education that meets the needs of each school.

Main service contents

We provide the following services in our educational support business:

Support for improving the quality of faculty and staff


Consultation for nursery school and school teachers

preschool institution

"3 methods"Based on this, we will provide advice, etc. to bring out children's independence and develop problem-solving skills, with a view to improving the QOL of children after they enter school."Seat that draws out children's independence"The review of childcare using is also popular.

For kindergartens that wish to make an annual contract, we also offer a set plan that combines the delivery of training videos to improve the quality of staff.


"3 methods"In addition to consultation based on"Seat that draws out children's independence"or"A sheet that creates deep learning"We also conduct in-school research and provide advice on improving classes.

​Support for organizational improvement


Consultation and training to enhance the school support system

Support for coordinators and in-school training

The enhancement of the support system in the school and the activity of the coordinator will not go well if either is lacking. Therefore, clarifying the role of the coordinator and promoting organization"School support system R-PDCA promotion sheet"We will support the coordinator by conducting consultations using and in-school training aimed at solving the clarified issues.

Coordinator training

"School support system R-PDCA promotion sheet"Utilizing the

As a coordinator, when, what,

We will tell you exactly how to do it.

Teaching material development business

Our original teaching materials were created through collaboration between psychologists and teachers in childcare and educational settings.


Children express their feelings to adults and friends

itSupport the experience of acceptance

In order for children to be able to exercise their independence with peace of mind, it is necessary for them to have the experience of being able to honestly express their feelings and receive them. Many children are suffering because they believe that having negative thoughts and feelings, such as not wanting to do their homework or not wanting to go to school, is a bad thing.

Therefore, at our company,adults and childrenbut orwith childrenAs a tool for expressing emotions, we have prepared teaching materials and goods using "Facial expression illustration: rice ball face".

​Examples of original teaching materials and goods

May you live each day in peace. It is a teaching material that gives form to such thoughts so that you can live a fulfilling life in the future.


Rice ball face tote bag

coming soon

42 rice ball faces are printed on the tote bag. This is a product that allows you to communicate with children without having to take out the rice ball face card each time, such as on the bus, train, or between classrooms.


​rice ball face card

coming soon

Use 42 facial expression cards to convey your feelings and listen to the other person's feelings.
In the “onigiri speech,” in which children talk after choosing a face, we sometimes hear unexpected stories from children.
What is important is for children to imagine various feelings and events from the faces they choose intuitively. Therefore, the name of the emotion is not written on the rice ball face card.


​Akutoei Card

Scheduled around September 2024

The aim is to "change behavior (ACT) in eight situations"

In ACT8, there are 8 situations (1) Reflecting on feelings, 2) Family life, 3) Social life, 4) Interviews, 5) Workplace, 6) SNS, 7) Friendships (​8) Sexual relations), [acquire knowledge], [ We aim to broaden our horizons by listening to the opinions of others] and to improve our ability to communicate in language.


company name

Akutoei Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Kumiko Matsumoto


3rd floor, Navi Shibuya Ⅴ, 5-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

​Representative profile

Kumiko Matsumoto (Doctor of Sociology, Certified Psychologist, School Psychologist, Guidance Counselor)

 After graduating from university, I worked as a non-regular employee at a major company and a foreign-affiliated company, and learned about how organizations should be and human relationships in the workplace. After that, I want to become an education expert! With this in mind, I enrolled in Waseda University's Faculty of Education as a bachelor's student, where I encountered psychology.

At the same time, they started working as volunteers and support staff in elementary and junior high schools, and while interacting with children, they had the opportunity to learn about the thoughts of teachers and the school organization, which cannot be easily learned by studying psychology alone. These activities continue today, 16 years later.

After graduating from a graduate school master's course and obtaining a psychologist license, he began working as a mobile counselor in earnest. After accumulating experience in boards of education, etc., he has worked independently as a traveling counselor at nursery schools, elementary/junior high schools, high schools, and special support schools, and is involved in teacher training as a part-time lecturer at a university.   Since I am involved in childcare and education on a daily basis from 0 to 22 years old and have experience working at a company, I propose a support method that anticipates the future of children. My strength is that I can do it.

Furthermore, as a result of observing more than 10,000 types of childcare and education, we found the conditions for all children in the group to shine: “understand and be able,” “be able to do it on their own,” and “be able to choose.” We are trying to disseminate it as a summary.

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