ACT8 : the origin of the name

ACT:Active Communication Training

  8:8  scenes (below 1〜8)

  1.  setting out feelings(understanding and controlling of emotions, etc.)

  2. family life(sleep, eat, clean, wash, etc.)

  3. social life(shopping,neighborhood,use of public institutions, etc.)

  4. interview(dress,conversation, etc.)

  5. workplace(relationships between coworkers,how to spend lunch time,type of work etc.)

  6. internt(SNS and email rules, etc.)

  7. friendship(understanding of feelings,manners, etc.)

  8. Heterosexual relationship(understandings of  feelings,manners, etc.)

Our motto is to change the act (ACT) in 8 different situations.
We aim to enhance children's ability of verbal communication by acquiring knowledge and skills, and also by broadening their horizons by listening to the opinions of others in each scene.


What ACT 8 cherishes

To say what you are thinking without enduring is very important when increasing QOL.

Therefore, in ACT 8, we think that it is necessary to experience sharing our feelings, and we value it.


To bring out children's feelings

"I want to do" 

To deepen children's learning, it is important to "do it yourself". In doing so, it is necessary to let children know  "how to do" and "to get a sense of accomplishment".

Therefore, in ACT 8, we aim to develop teaching materials that children participate actively and devise teaching methods that maximize the effect.